Just like Cinderella

I had the idea to this story when watching a movie-remake of Shakespear’s McBeth – it was an unknown B-movie to be honest, but I liked the idea of re-using old material in a new-age setting.

Since there are loads of remakes of stories like „The beauty and the beast“ and other popular material, I decided to do a very old classic: Cinderella, „Aschenputtel“ in German, and I will go for a M&M romance with it. Google it if you don’t know what I mean, but be warned 😉


Everleigh Peters has a dark history. As a teenager he accidentally killed his whole family when he rammed his home with a car. After six years in a juvenile facility he finds himself alone and confronted with harsh reality: Nobody wants to employ an ex-criminal right off from prison. His last chance is his homophobic, spiteful aunt, who manages a scrap-yard.

Working there for food and shelter, but without payments, Everleigh still dreams of a dancing career, something he pursued as a kid and teenager. But with employment seeming impossible, he settles for the next best thing – one night of dancing in the halls of Banes Royal Opera, where the rich and popular hold their charity events.

Being poor and a nobody, he still tries to get in some way, asking his former inmates for help, which they decline. Only when Everleigh meets an old friend from Highschool, Ben, does he get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get invited to one of their charity events, a masquerade, and dance amidst stars and V.I.P.s.

Unknowingly, he is watched by one of the biggest producers of musicals and dance shows, Crowell, who instantly falls in love with the graceful, fluid dancer. They have a sparkling hot get-together in one of the suites, but never see their faces behind the masks, and when the night is over, Everleigh flees back to his old life at the scrap-yard.

Crowell on the other hand can’t forget his dreamlike dancer, and starts to look for him everywhere. The only distinguishing mark he has is a prison tattoo on Everleigh’s right shoulder. When he finds Everleigh’s former fellow inmates, who have the same tattoo on their shoulders, a nerve-wrecking week of insecurities and rivalry begins – and things seem to go wrong first, until that one fateful dancing audition.

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  1. hi, ich wollte nur mal loswerden, dass ich deine geschichten wirklich mag, auch wenn ich noch nicht kommentiert habe. 🙂 ich wollte auf deinem englischen blog einen kommentar hinterlassen, aber da ich weder bei google noch bei etwas anderem angemeldet bin, ging das leider nicht.
    „unwilling“ ist eine meiner favorisierten geschichten und ich kann den nächsten teil kaum erwarten.

    keep up the good work 🙂


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